Why are some words left in Greek and not others?

Selected words are shown in Greek for emphasis and to indicate where there has been most variance in translating these words into English.

Why aren’t there paragraphs in the text?

Paragraphs (and all punctuation, chapters and verses) were added by later editors of the Bible. The insertion of sentences and paragraphs can altar meanings.

Is there anything like this available on the Christian market?

You are welcome to look! You are likely to find resources which rely on prerequisite Greek learning, or ones which give meanings for every Greek word, including words which have equivalent renderings. This resource is useful for entry level Greek but it can also have value for those familiar with Greek in the same way as a light filter is used to bring into focus things that haven’t been noticed in white light

Why hasn’t this been marketed by a specialised Christian software company?

We thought the results were good enough without needing to pay someone in the middle to re-invent what we have achieved. This way we don’t have to pass on the cost.

Why aren’t you a charity?

This has just begun! If the tidemark is reached by donations made so that we can register as a charity then we will certainly do so.

Why isn’t it free?

By paying you are helping this project to go further. The aim is not only to increase knowledge and love of God’s Word but to extend its reach to places where it has not yet been taken.

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