Over a decade certain words were chosen and their Greek origins given for emphasis, comments to the background meaning were supplied where appropriate, and the text was marked up to hyper text language. This process involved:

  1. Comparing different translations (e.g., RSV, Amplified, KJV, NIV, Jerusalem Bible, The Jewish Bible, Greek NT) to find the points at which there appeared to be greatest variability between the English versions and marking these points in Greek
  2. Setting Greek verbs as infinitives
  3. Reading commentaries on the New Testament to discover which words were given most attention. Some comments are noted. But discussions of various meanings and interpretations are avoided
  4. Assembling information on the social and historical background from the commentaries and elsewhere to shed light on particular words in the right context
  5. Converting to html so that the project can be used interactively

In this project nearly 2600 individual references have been written, making the finished comments almost one and a half times the length of the New Testament.

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